Audience-First Email Marketing

At Webberax, all email marketing is targeted email marketing. That’s because we work as an extension of your marketing team to understand your target audiences, and further refine them into specific reader and buyer personas.

We structure email marketing campaigns around what we know about your targeted audiences, and what actions we want them to take. Information such as CRM data, website interactions, prior campaign activity, recent purchases, location data and customer feedback helps us determine what content to send to which contacts, when to send it and how to measure success.

Email Newsletters

Email newsletters outperform all other types of lead-nurture content – both for B2B and B2C marketers. They’re a welcome, non-intrusive way to engage leads and get them back on your site to review your latest and greatest blog posts, eBooks, white papers and other content.

At Webberax, we can help you capture more emails using organic content marketing methods, segment your lists of recipients, select which content to promote through your newsletters, create the written and visual content in the actual newsletters and automate send times. We make sure that your email templates are mobile friendly, and we measure success with KPIs such as:

Open rates.
Email deliverability.
Conversion rates.
Click-through rates.

Finally we apply what we’ve learned toward further optimizing newsletter performance.


Our end-to-end email marketing capabilities look something like this:

Develop personas for
your target audiences.

Devise a campaign.

Create website content that will
help you build out your email lists.

Craft compelling email copy.


Create polished, responsive
email templates.

Measure results.